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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 343 afraid heap
He appeared again and noticed the directly-backed Elder Xingyue plus the hunch-reinforced Most recognized Xia chatting .
It was initially he been told ‘Thank you’ provided by her mouth . After all, Su Han has been assisting him at all times, plus it was initially he presented her help and gained her many thanks .
It turned out the 1st time he listened to ‘Thank you’ received from her lips . All things considered, Su Han had been supporting him continuously, also it was the first time he offered her some assistance and gotten her kudos .
“Oh yeah, therefore it is like that…” Hao Ren nodded .
“Fuma Hao!”
Unquestionably, they were talking about the upcoming give back with the ancient dragon emperor .
At this time, the Mingri Group’s small business on land plunged, so do the Eastern Seashore Dragon Clan’s standing from the Dragon Tribe . In the meantime, Zhao Yanzi, the heiress with the dragon palace would wed an unimportant mortal man…
Premier Xia was alarmed with all the scenario . On account of his issue for Hao Ren, he gave Hao Ren a heads up .
“Qin Shaoyang will quickly be placed listed here like a national inspector,” keeping the rice newspaper in their hands, she converted her gaze toward Hao Ren and mentioned .
“Ok…” Top Xia changed slightly and driven him to Elder Xingyue’s palace .
“Su Han is her home . You may go see her now,” Elder Xingyue nodded slightly at Hao Ren and reported .
From the fact that Zhao Guang attempted to cover these things from Zhao Haoran, Hao Ren could speculate the individuality of your aged dragon ruler .
[Once obtaining noticed the very best, the other parts is not useful to view . ]
Anyways, it turned out because Hao Ren was just the ‘Fuma in Name’ that this senior senior citizens dared to claim that the dragon palace should dispose of him to acquire the Eastern side Seashore Dragon Clan out from problems .
“Hehe…” Highest regarded Xia forced a chuckle helplessly and persisted just to walk Hao Ren towards the door .
Actually, everything hadn’t ended up as Zhao Guang got hoped . In accordance with Zhao Guang’s program, when the applicant for Zhao Yanzi’s Fuma, Hao Ren can have three years to increase . Regarding his sturdy fort.i.tude and the assistance of elixirs, he would attain Dui-point by that period .
The two Elder Lu and Elder Direct sun light, who were two purple-robed senior citizens, favored Hao Ren, but involved in the opposition in excess of ten crimson-robed seniors stationed from the dragon palace, they had minimal say for the issue . Naturally, the purple-robed seniors were definitely all old subordinates of Zhao Haoran, and in some cases Zhao Guang couldn’t veto them when they acquired obstinate .
“That old dragon emperor retired a lot more than 20 years previously along with resided right out of the mortal planet to be a hermit . ” As he pointed out Zhao Haoran, Premier Xia looked quite careful .
The feminine cultivators cultivated elsewhere through the day and went back to Elder Xingyue’s palace during the night . With an increase of disciples than another elder, her words and phrases presented a lot of body weight .
“Does that old dragon emperor understand about the point with Zi?” Hao Ren expected .
Within the complete Eastern side Sea Dragon Palace, other than Zhao Yanzi who didn’t find out about her grandfather’s impending go back, everyone else was positioning their breaths .
Hao Ren was surprised on the information . He acquired meant to find out if Zhao Haoran was aware that his granddaughter was grounded within the dragon palace and received this unexpected facts .
Hao Ren was surprised in the information . He acquired used to ask if Zhao Haoran believed that his granddaughter was grounded inside the dragon palace and received this unpredicted data .
Hao Ren glanced for the exquisite and chic calligraphy, obtaining her handwriting quite das.h.i.+ng .
Without a doubt, these folks were looking at the imminent give back of the older dragon king .
Zhao Guang required the helm on the Eastern Beach Dragon Clan only 2 decades before, but Top Xia, a highly trained internal situation manager, acquired worked under Zhao Haoran for a long period and was acquainted with the latter’s temper .
Embarra.s.sed, Hao Ren needed 1 / 2 a step backside . “No… I just now desired to look at appearance . “
He could envision how Zhao Haoran, the best ruler of the dragon palace, would reply immediately after he learns with regards to the proposal between him and Zhao Yanzi .
From the minute he moved into Zhao Yanzi’s ‘cell’ until now, it had been exactly a couple of hours . As being the mind manager of internal matters in the dragon palace, Premier Xia realized precisely when Hao Ren had came to the dragon palace .
“Hehe…” The best Xia forced a chuckle helplessly and continued simply to walk Hao Ren to the door .
Even so, relating to Hao Ren’s condition, neither Most recognized Xia nor Elder Xingyue could offer you him wonderful help . Of course, the Eastern Water Dragon Clan didn’t have to take dangers for your Fuma in identify to resist the anti-Eastern side Ocean alliance encouraged by the Western Seashore Dragon Clan .
“Hehe…” Highest regarded Xia compelled a chuckle helplessly and continuing to walk Hao Ren on the entrance .
When Hao Ren walked out, he discovered Most recognized Xia standing up out of doors with a look on his confront . Following he arrived, a maid instantly went within the bedroom with an superb dish box in her hands and wrists .
When dealing with Su Han with this secluded place, he believed outside of breathing .
Whilst Zhao Yanzi was grounded on the dragon palace, Leading Xia was already slack using the procedures enabling Hao Ren into her palace . If he stayed a long time and even the complete nights in their palace, Highest regarded Xia, the head director of your dragon palace, would need to take responsibility .
“Oh yeah, so it is like that…” Hao Ren nodded .
Understanding that she had been a cultivation maniac, Hao Ren understood she has to be ecstatic on this little development regardless of her relaxed physical appearance . Otherwise, she wouldn’t have the atmosphere to learn calligraphy .
At this time, the Mingri Group’s enterprise on land plunged, so did the Eastern Water Dragon Clan’s track record in the Dragon Tribe . In the meantime, Zhao Yanzi, the heiress with the dragon palace would marry an insignificant mortal man…
Zhao Yanzi acquired lost her dragon primary, and she would get married to an average mortal man… Even Zhao Guang wouldn’t have the capacity to tolerate Zhao Haoran’s rage!
Even though Zhao Yanzi was grounded during the dragon palace, Premier Xia was already slack while using principles permitting Hao Ren into her palace . If he remained too long or total nights in the palace, Top Xia, the top administrator of your dragon palace, would be required to be responsible .

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